System Requirements
System Requirements

For the best possible TIS experience we recommend your system meets the mimimum requirements outlined in the table below. New and updated PC's, operating systems, browsers, and plug-ins are continuously being tested for compatibility and TIS may work with combinations differing from those listed below, but functionaility cannot be guaranteed.

PC Client Hardware Type Personal Computer (PC) Hardware
Operating Systems Supported Windows 10 (32–bit, 64–bit), Windows 11 (32–bit, 64–bit)
Processor Speed 1 GHz or greater
System Memory Win10: 2GB, Win11: 4GB
Available Disk Space Win10: 32GB, Win11: 64GB
Display Resolution 800 x 600 minimum
Software and Utilities Web Browsers Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox 21 or later Firefox
Google Chrome Chrome
(Adobe plugins should be installed without
the Google or Yahoo Toolbar)
Adobe© PDF Reader 7.0 or later Adobe Reader
Adobe SVG 3.03
Java™ Version 6 Update 7 - Version 7 Update 5 Java
Internet Connectivity Bandwidth Broadband with 1.2 Mbps minimum download

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