J2534 Reprogramming
PCM Reprogramming
J2534 Device J2534 Reprogramming
Approved J2534 Devices only provide reprogramming capabilities and do not support diagnostic scantool functions. For full diagnostic capabilities, please consider TIS Techstream or Techstream Lite

Toyota, Scion, and Lexus ECMs can be reprogrammed with the TIS Techstream, Techstream Lite, Diagnostic Tester, or can also be reprogrammed using a Toyota validated J2534 interface. Vehicle recalibration requires the use of the following:
  • Toyota validated J2534 interface
  • TIS Professional Level Subscription
  • Toyota Calibration Update Wizard software (installed along with Techstream Software)
  • Personal Computer running Microsoft Windows XP/2000 or later operating system
Toyota strongly recommends USING ONLY VALIDATED INTERFACE DEVICES that appear on this list.

Toyota works closely with J2534 interface manufacturers to ensure that their hardware works safely and efficiently with our products. Every device listed on this page has been thoroughly tested and validated on Toyota, Scion, and Lexus vehicles.

It is important to understand that only the specific devices, firmware, DLLs and APIs listed here have been tested by Toyota. We do not recommend use of any other J2534 device, firmware, DLL or API that is not listed here. Changes to J2534 hardware/software is outside of Toyota's control; in some cases, changes made to device hardware/software can negatively impact reprogramming performance. Toyota makes every effort to continue to work with J2534 interface manufacturers to ensure continued product compatibility as our respective products evolve.

J2534 Approved Device Application Chart
Supplier Device Name Version CUW Version Supported OS
Firmware* API*
Dearborn Group VSI-2534 2.10.12 04.04 A, B, D, E, F
Dearborn Group VSI NXGen 2.4.2 04.04 A
Drew Technologies Mongoose-Plus MFC3 1.0.20 04.04 A, D, E, F
Drew Technologies Mongoose Pro MFC2 1.8.2 04.04 A, D, E, F
Drew Technologies Mongoose-Plus MFC 1.2.10 04.04 A D, E, F
Drew Technologies CarDAQ-Plus 3 1.2.12 04.04 A

Note: CUW reprogramming software V8.30.1.230 or later supports 04.04 and v05.00 API.

Supported Operating Systems
A Windows 10 (32-bit; 64 bit)
B Windows 8.1 (32-bit; 64 bit)
C Windows 8 (32-bit; 64-bit)
D Windows 7 (32-bit; 64-bit) - SP1
E Windows VISTA Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate - SP1 and SP2
F Windows XP Pro - SP1, SP2 and SP3

For more information about the J2534 devices listed above, click on the vendor names. To report compatibility problems with listed hardware/software, please contact the device manufacturer.

Last Updated: 8/12/2022

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Obtaining Calibration Files
PCM Reprogramming
The Flash Reprogramming Calibration CD is no longer available.

ECU Calibrations are now available for download directly from TIS. A valid TIS Professional Level subscription is required to access Calibration files. These files are compatible with the above mentioned scantools and J2534 interfaces. The Calibration page, located on the Diagnostics tab in the TIS site, contains all the most current vehicle calibration files, applicable Service Bulletins, and instructions for use. Select the following link for step by step instructions to access this page.

Note: Calibration Update Software is now included in the Techstream Software Installer. A valid TIS Professional Level subscription is required to download and install Techstream Software.
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Important Notice
PCM Reprogramming

It is possible to permanently damage a vehicle controller during the flash reprogramming process. It is especially important to understand that once started, the reprogramming process must not be interrupted, reprogramming devices must not be disconnected and PCs must not be allowed to go into Standby, hibernation or similar power management modes. The information provided herein is intended expressly for use by qualified professional automobile technicians. To prevent damage to your customer's vehicle and ensure safe service practice, read these materials completely and thoroughly before servicing the vehicle and be sure to follow all instructions.

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