Printed Service Publications
Printed Service Publications
Printed copies of Owner's Manuals for all model years, as well as printed copies of 2011 and earlier Toyota, Scion, and Lexus service support information may be purchased directly from Helm Incorporated at Helm stocks printed versions of most Toyota, Scion, and Lexus service information products, including legacy model information that is not available on this site.

The following service publication types may be available:
  1. Repair Manual
    Includes basic repair instructions, diagnostic charts and component removal/replacement procedures.
  2. Electrical Wiring Diagram (EWD)
    Detailed circuit diagrams electrical component locations.
  3. Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Unit Repair
    Overhaul and inspection procedures specific to automatic transmissions/transaxles.
  4. Collision Repair Manual
    Welded panel replacement, structural dimension information, and model specific body panel service techniques (except painting).
  5. Owner's Manual and Navigation Owner's Manual
    Replacement copies of the original booklets shipped with all Toyota, Scion and Lexus vehicles. Supplemental booklets for vehicles equipped with factory installed navigation systems are also available. Be sure to specify which Owner's Manual you need.
  6. New Car Features (NCF) [carry-over models and full model changeover]
    Technical descriptions of year-to-year product changes. Carry-Over Model NCFs are released each year. NCFs for full model changeovers are released when a vehicle model is first released or the platform is significantly modified.
Be sure to note the marketing division, model name, and model year of your vehicle before calling. For Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Unit Repair Manuals, the transmission number (e.g. A340E or U151E) is also helpful, but not required. Note: Certain inventory items are produced in limited quantities and may not be reprinted or reissued once initial inventory is depleted.

Orders may also be placed by phone. Helm telephone operators accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards. To submit an order by phone, call (800) 782-4356 or fax orders to (313) 865-5927. Customer Service hours are between 5:00am and 3:00pm PST Monday through Friday.

Technical Training Materials
Technical Training Materials
The University of Toyota, Technical and Body Service Training Development Department creates a variety of instructional materials used to develop the skills and abilities of Toyota and Lexus Technicians. Although developed for use in our comprehensive technician training curriculum, the following valuable technical training materials are available on-line in the TIS library.

  • New Model e-Learning Modules
  • Current Core Training e-Learning Modules
  • Technician Handbooks
  • Toyota Tech Online Magazine
For additional training opportunities, Toyota offers an outstanding technician development program for individuals interested in an automotive service career. For more information on the Toyota specific training accessible through the Toyota Technical Education Network (T-TEN) please follow the link below.